Concurso Friends of Carlota

A galeria suiça Friends of Carlota lança concurso de joalheria com o tema Mares do Sul e o prazo para inscrição é 20 de julho, leia abaixo:

from 31st March – 25th June 2011

„As the red sun looked across the placid ocean through the tall, clean stems of the coconut trees, like a blooming whisky bloat through the bars of a city prison, I went and stood on the edge of the water on the flat rock pressed by Capt. Cook’s feet when the blow was dealt which took away his life…“
Taken from “Letters from Hawaii” by Mark Twain

Geographically speaking, all the areas to the south of the latitude of Panama belong to the South Seas. The centre of the South Seas is formed by the Society Islands (French-Polynesia / Tahiti), the Samoan archipelago and the Fiji Islands. The connecting element between the peoples of the South Seas is the ocean. The ocean is the path of their immigration. Through seafaring, they maintain contact with each other and their lives take place in an island world that is ruled by the ocean. Ocean and islands – a paradise with unique diversity of species and full of stories steeped in legend.

For centuries, the South Seas have inspired buccaneers, explorers and dreamers alike – now it is the jewellery designers turn.

The number of participants is limited to 90 jewellery designers. Each piece of jewellery must be accompanied by a true or fictional story (1000 characters max.!). Together with the jewellery, the story will be presented at the exhibition, as it is equally important as the jewellery. All the pieces of jewellery created for the South Seas topic and their accompanying stories will be virtually exhibited on our homepage (and on Facebook) and also presented in the elaborate exhibition documentation.

In November 2010, a pre-judging will take place by means of the sent in photos and texts. Thereby, the work of approximately 40-50 participants will be selected. These items will not only be presented virtually, but also physically, at our exhibition room “Trüffel” at Friends of Carlotta gallery.

In February 2011, an independent jury will select the best of the 40-50 works and award it the FoC jewellery award and fellowship prize 2011. As always, the audience prize will be awarded by the visitors of the exhibition.

The works that were nominated for the virtual exhibition will also be on display in “Trüffel” at Friends of Carlotta. They will be shown on a screen as well as in the available exhibition documentation.

Binding registration by: Friday, 20. July 2010
Latest entry of photos / texts for pre-judging:    Friday, 5. November 2010
Notification of FoC pre-judging results:     End December 2010
Latest entry of definite photos / texts at FoC:    Friday, 28th January 2011
Exhibition opening:     Thursday, 31st March from 5 p.m.
Announcement of winners:     At the opening exhibition

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