As palavras de Ela Bauer/ Ela Bauer's words

Ela Bauer deu o primeiro workshop e enviou algumas palavras sobre essa experiência. Obrigada Ela!
Ela Bauer has given the first workshop and she wrote us some words. Thank you Ela!

I was invited by Nova Joia, led by Mirla Fernandes and Renata Porto, to give a workshop in Monteiro Lobato, in the countryside of Sao Paulo.
The word ‘Brazil’… the associations of mighty nature, darkness versus lightness, rhythm, music … all that went quickly through my mind.

The theme of “Private Myths” occupies me since some time now, so when I was invited by Mirla and Renata I thought immediately that Brazil would be a great place to handle it.
The human environment, that thanks its character to a rich - not always pleasant - history of colonialism, slavery and many waves of immigration, will surely provide many (private – mythical) stories in lots of families. I was so curious to hear those stories that possibly play a major role in some of the lives out there… and how will they be translated into a piece of jewellery..?

The workshop was all I could hope for!!
The stories of the participants were fascinating, deep, colourful, diverse …
Through the telling (every story had a context, so you learn a lot about the background of someone), we all got to know each other quite rapidly and profoundly at the same time… that was very special!
All the participants worked intensely, which was completely supported by the organization of the workshop. The circumstances were perfect; there was nothing to destruct or disturb, on the contrary; the beautifully situated "sitio" where the workshop took place; the magnificent nature, the incredible bird-sounds around you, the great atmosphere, ,the exquisite cooking of Renata, the subtle care for everything of Mirla…
Everything was in a flow; flow of fun, of work, of creativity!
For us all a unique experience!

It’s something like two weeks since I’m back from my Brazilian adventure, and still I am daily captured by it!

Ela Bauer


foto do ultimo dia do Workshop com Ela Bauer (de Aglaíze Damasceno)

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