Uma palavra de Jorge Manilla

" Hello everybody,

The workshop “Dialogos de identidad” is almost there… In this workshop we will work about identities.
Here below you can find a list of things which you will need to bring to the workshop:
    •    your business card (if you don’t have one, try to make one)
    •    a personal object that reflects your personality
    •    a Power Point presentation with five pictures of artists or designers you like; you can choose out of all disciplines of art
    •    a finished piece of your work and one piece you never finished
    •    some material you would like to work with and never worked with before, and of course the tools you need to work on it… for example scissors, drills or sand paper

I’m looking forward to work with all of you. It will be a nice workshop where we will learn a lot about identity."

Jorge Manilla

A lista com 'everybody' sai amanhã! 

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