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Publicamos aqui parte do texto que Valeria Vallarta da Otro Diseño enviou a todos os participantes do Simposio Gray Area

We publish here extract of the text that Valeria Vallarta, from Otro Diseño has sent to all Gray Area participants.

Dear Participants of Gray Area Mexico 2010,

A month has passed since the Gray Area symposium started in Mexico City. All the foreign organizers, volunteers and participants are finally back at home and reincorporating to our regular activities of the Otro Diseno Foundation. Gray Area's success has surpassed all our expectations, but the following months is hard work for our Foundation, as we must process all the information gathered at the symposium and start concreting all the ideas and proposals that raised during our encounter.

(...)The Walking the Gray Area Symposium Mexico 2010 represented the first attempt to put in contact makers, collectionists, advocates, enthusiasts and researchers of contemporary jewellery to meet and lean about each other. The symposium took place at the auditorium of the wonderful historical building of the Biblioteca de Mexico, in Mexico City from April 12th to 16th 2010. It counted with the participation of 241 attendees and 43 lecturers from 41 countries from all the continents of the globe, with a strong presence of Latin America and Europe. It was composed by a total of 24 lectures, 5 round tables and one working session. The symposium served as the frame of 13 exhibitions, taking place at various galleries, institutions and public spaces in Mexico City that presented the work of over 100 artists from 39 countries.

(...)Few things could have been more important for the team of the Otro Diseno Foundation than having seen so many people happy, having a good time and enjoying of the exchange and the creative momentum. In that aspect we could say that Gray Area objectives have been fully covered. Furthermore, a great number of ideas, proposals and concrete projects have arisen from the encounter. This means much future work for our Foundation and a larger commitment from you, the interested parties.

We are currently evaluating the event and all the information that we gather during that week in Mexico. We are also discussing several proposals with the many parties involved. It will still take us several weeks to process all the information and deliver it to you trough a renovated Gray Area website. Please, be on the watch for its launching.

(...)We wish to thank you all for having been part of Gray Area Mexico 2010 and we hope that we will have the opportunity to meet again... somewhere!

Warm greetings,

Valeria Vallarta Siemelink & Carolina Rojo
Otro Diseno Foundation for Cultural Cooperation and Development
The Netherlands

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