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No primeiro dia de postagem do ano, de volta das curtas férias, postamos o texto que Karin Seufert e Tore Svensson nos escreveram a respeito da experiência do workshop, que ocorreu em Novembro de 2009.

In the first posting day of the new year, back from a short holiday, we post here the ext Karin Seufert and Tore Svensson have sent to us about the experience of giving the workshop at Monteiro Lobato, in the country side of São Paulo, last year.

"We, Tore and Karin, have had a workshop in this beautiful area called Monteiro Lobato in the countryside of Sao Paulo.

Our idea was to search for differences in cultures, especially by looking at the use of material. Is it possible at all to see where a piece of jewelry is coming from only by the material?

Today identity is quite important in this global world and the question raise whether you can recognize a regional streaming or a cultural expression by the used material or is the globalization too strong to show this anymore.

Both of us brought 4, for us typical materials from respectively Sweden and Germany and asked the participants to bring some typical Brazilian materials. Already while we presented it, it was clear, that we brought European materials but because of the globalization you can get this nowadays all over the world.

All of the participants got the same starting material from us, but the results were totally different. It depends all on the person who uses the material and how this person handles with it and of course about the fantasy and imagination of this person. It was surprising to find out that actually there is not really this big difference in the use of material between the countries.

Even if our thoughts didn’t worked out as we expected, it was great to work with these people and see their enthusiasm. All of them were open and interested and it was a pleasure for us to work in this marvelous atmosphere. One of the most important parts to make this atmosphere comfortable and pleasant was the perfect organization of Mirla and Renata in this beautiful place.

When we came back to Europe the differences between here and Brazil were so obvious for us at once. In Brazil you have all these different colors all over in cloth, in houses, in advertisement, in shops, just in everything and here everything is black, specially now in this time of the year.

Everyone is dressed in black, everyone is closed because of the weather and even the attitude of the people is quite different from what we experienced in Brazil.

All the images from our journey over there are very present and vivid and for sure we took something in our memory with us from this colorful gorgeous country.

Now we are waiting and hoping to see all these inspiring starting points, which we could discover already in the work of the participants, originated in this wide and culture-full country, here in Europe, generated further and showing their own strong identity!!!"

Karin Seufert & Tore Svensson 


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